Monthly Archives: October 2011

Baby’s OTHER Word


10. Uh-Oh (a declaration):

Oops. I just climbed inside the pantry, pulled the box of rice out of the back of it, and dumped it all over the floor. (By the way, the box makes a great shaky shaky noise when you toss it around and the rice makes a very funny tinkly noise when it hits the ground).

Wow. While you were sweeping up the rice, I worked very very hard to get the refrigerator door open–which I did! Yay! But then, when I got the milky (M’!) out of the fridge, and twisted off the cap, and turned it sideways, who was to know that the milk would pour out . . . and out . . . and out . . . and out . . . (still going . . . .)?

Um. Sorry to bother you while you’re mopping up that milk, but I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I yanked all the wipes out of the wipes container. I took them out to help you clean the milk, but it occurs to me that you might not appreciate this fact.

I love playing on your computerfd jal ;dfjao v;j;fjo;ieajr aev;ohtruap t489v7b5[ auyht4gilrtnao. Why isn’t it letting me write more stuff? I think something happened . . .

Is it my fault you didn’t save your document? Anyway, I’m busy here. I’m just going to turn this tablecloth into a cape. I don’t think that plate will fall off. Oh. That plate fell off.

Lego(s)!! Everywhere!!!

I probably shouldn’t try to climb the stairs with my eyes squinched shut. How did they get so slippery? Who put the Lego on the stairs?

I’m in the bathroom. I know you hate when I come in here. So I’m just going to close the door. Damn. My shirt got stuck in the door.

Oooh . . . I dropped your toothbrush. I was using it to scoop water out of the toilet because I was thirsty after watching all that milk flow across the floor. I hope you didn’t need it. It’s drowning now. Maybe I’ll try flushing it . . .