I’ve divided this page into four sections:

1. Books I’m reading now.

2. Book I love.

3. Books I’ve read in 2011.

4. Books I read in 2010.

Maybe I’ll continue moving backwards through time. I am the kind of person who keeps a list of every single book she’s read since the time Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield (and Bruce and Todd and Lila and Enid . . .) were the people I knew best in the world (and you wonder why, despite the lack of career prospects, I did a PhD in literature . . . ).

I’m also going to use this space to write open letters to writers. There is a 95% chance I’ll start with JSF (Jonathan Safran Foer) who I’ve decided is my long-lost cousin and alter ego (just like me, only male, and a genius, with a wildly successful literary career, and two equally brilliant brothers) (come to think of it, the letter might not actually be addressed to JSF at all, but to his mother. How did she produce 3 prodigy-boys? Must follow her lead. Although perhaps–as A Guy explains: “Darwinian battle to the death. They actually birth 18 children in each generation, and we see only the survivors. They were the inspiration for The Hunger Games.” But probably she’s just a Tiger Mom. Will ask).


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