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Dear Adon Alom, Master of the World and its Snow and its Viruses,

I got it. I did you wrong. You thought I should go to the UK and be with my husband, my children with their father. You thought that was what shalom bayit was all about–after all, how can there be shalom--peace– without a shared bayit–a home?

So you sent me a series of misfortunes to daily punctuate my life as a single mother. A miserable court date. A death in the family. A babysitter who cancelled at the last possible minute, making me miss work. A babysitter who showed up half an hour late, making me not miss work but just further develop an ulcer. A hunk of baby finger clipped off with a nail that led to more than 24h of bleeding (Me: “I’ve cut off a piece of my child!” Pediatrician: “I’ve never known a mother who didn’t.”). A stomach bug for Cool J. A cold and fever for Baby MoFo. Coupled with a slashed tire that couldn’t be repaired (“Hey, guys, if you can just hold off on that diarrhea for, say, a couple of hours, we’re going to take a field trip to the auto shop to get a new tire!”). Sick days followed by holidays (whenever there’s a Monday holiday at Baby MoFo’s preschool, they also cancel school on Friday–why a 3-day weekend when it could be 4??) followed by snow days. During which I’m not allowed to park on my street (and I have no garage/driveway), so I had to drive the kids to a lot on campus and walk home with them in a blizzard . . . only to get a message that all cars on campus were supposed to be in garages and not the outdoor lots (no, I did not schlep my kids back out. So who knows if I still have my car with its pretty new tire?). Snow days followed by . . . you got it. Sick days. Because why should LL be spared? And what could I be so busy doing at 2am that I can’t be elbow-deep in vomit?

The Scientist has been gone just over 2 weeks.

I am not having fun.

So I’m sorry, Adon Olam, but please, can you give this poor princess-mother a break?

Or an angel . . . but not of this variety.

Or an angel . . . but not of this variety.


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  1. Now, why is it that you are without the other parent? Being on my third month of it, I can commiserate: I know it isn’t pretty to single parent. You must have done something bad to the universe though, dear. By the way, we have NO snow days here no matter how much snow falls!

      • You did tell me that he moved. But now why you didn’t all go there together and what the plan is… Information, please.

      • That was my act of genius. I thought, why move midyear? We’ll just finish out the school year (both mine at the university and the kids at their schools), and that will be *much* easier. I thought The Scientist could figure out how to arrange a bank account and credit cards and a UK driver’s license, and where we’d live, and all that, and in the meantime, I would keep my wonderful job here and apply for jobs there . . . The kids had to start a new school in a new state this year, so I hated for them to have only one semester to settle in before going somewhere new yet again . . . In any case, I am now highly skeptical about how much “easier” it’s been on us; I’m thinking going to the bank and asking for an account would have been a lot easier than getting stuck at home with the kids day in and out! But that’s why he’s there and we’re here, and moving forward, the plan is for the whole famiglia to make the grand move in the summer.

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