One more nugget from my little nudnick


To finish of his week of witticisms, Cool J declared his future profession yesterday–

LL: “Is Pesach over yet?”

Me: “Almost.”

LL: “Can’t I get a muffin?”

Me: “Tomorrow.”

LL: “But why do we have to keep Pesach? Dada doesn’t keep Pesach.”

Me: “Well, boys, the thing is that Dada grew up religious. You know how at Babi and Zaidy’s house we can’t turn on lights or the TV or anything on Shabbos or yontev?”

LL and Cool J: “Yeah, so?”

Me: “So, sometimes when kids grow up, they do something called rebel against their parents. It means whatever their parents want them to do, they do the opposite. It’s a way of showing that they can make their own decisions now.”

Cool J: “So Dada’s mom and dad wanted him to be religious?”

Me: “You could say that.”

Cool J: “But he rebelled so he’s doing the opposite of what his dad wants?”

Me: “Right.”

Cool J: “Hmmmmm . . . So when I grow up, I’m going to become a rabbi.”



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  1. Just so you know, I predicted many years ago that one of your offspring would become the greatest Rabbi of our generation.
    So you’re saying there’s a chance…

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